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PrintFactory is workflow software for wide format printers. It comes with a set of tools that work much harder and smarter than the average, standard RIP shipped with wide format printers today.


Faster pre-press, with familiar design tools that your team will already know how to use. Edit, amend, move, change artwork quickly and easily.


All the layouts, templates, nesting, and intelligent step-and-repeat features you need. Speed up your workflow with automatic layouts, but still retain complete control.


Faster, better-connected print and consistently cleaner colour plus cloud-based reporting, back-ups, and analytics


Our VISU colour engine prints better colour, consistently. The same colour on every device, every time, and it’s step-by-step guided profile creation is easy to use.


Open up your closed printer with a RIP dashboard that gives you instant control – delivered with a rights control so you can give your operators in the printing room the control you want them to have.

Just In Time Tools

Features that let you make last minute changes to jobs – manual Just-in-Time control over smart layouts – without slowing down your workflow.


Real-time reporting, statistics, back-ups of settings and job security

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