Accurate and precise color reproduction has always been a challenge, making audit and control critical. We allow you to control user rights and access control, centrally managed color and backups with the ability to restore and version profiles and settings. 

PrintFactory is customizable and allows you to share cutting marks, nest settings, and layout templates across your organisation. You can reprint and track the reason and operator, and we provide certification trending reports.

PrintFactory Cloud also enforces recalibration schedules to ensure ongoing accuracy across your production site.


Take control of your processes by managing user access rights to different levels of functionality within the applications. This ensures the elimination of unintended errors and simplifies the user workflow.

Through user rights settings, managed by the License Manager in the PrintFactory Cloud App, you can control configuration changes, profile creation and modifications, color settings in queues, and tuning spot colors.


PrintFactory’s Cloud Tool allows you to share

  • Cutting marks
  • Nest settings
  • Layout templates
  • Jigs
  • Profiles
  • SmartForms
  • Job Labels
  • Pre-flight profiles
  • DTG Presets
  • Spot Libraries
  • Fotoba Marks


Save money by effectively managing reprints through the PrintFactory Cloud App. With our intuitive platform, you gain complete visibility into your reprint activities. The Job settings journal provides a comprehensive overview of reprinted jobs, including the responsible party and the reasons provided for the reprint. You even have the flexibility to customize the reasons for reprints within your user settings. Easily identify reprinted jobs in the nest reports and production reports, ensuring efficient tracking and management. Additionally, stay informed about any job rerouting to alternative devices.

Take control of your reprints and optimize your printing process with our powerful PrintFactory Cloud App.



PrintFactory Calibrator with VISU™ allows for the iteration of existing Print Media Modes (PMM) to compensate for minor changes in the environment. Recalibration is done by comparing a patch of 532 colors in the new environment to previous measurements stored in the Calibrator. The process is step by step and uses a photo-spectrometer to quantify the difference using ‘CIE LAB DeltaE’ measurement.

This ensure that ongoing accuracy across your production site.


Effortlessly analyze data and uncover trending insights using a color certification strip.

Export your data and unlock valuable information that reveals emerging trends and patterns.


Introducing PrintFactory SmartWorking: Revolutionizing Your Printing Workflow

Cloud Connected Delivery:

  • Seamlessly connect to the cloud for efficient delivery of print jobs.
  • Centralize management of resources for streamlined operations.
  • Store documents in the cloud for easy access and collaboration.
  • Facilitate external communication for enhanced workflow.
With PrintFactory SmartWorking, redefine the way you manage and execute your print jobs, ensuring efficiency, flexibility, and unparalleled convenience at every step.
Available in PrintFactory Connect

Insightful Features:

  • Submit jobs from any location for unparalleled convenience.
  • Choose between manual pre-press or automated/WorkFlow submission.
  • Utilize POD/Web2Print integration for seamless print ordering.
  • Print to any location with multi-site capability.
  • Preflight and fix errors easily with intuitive tools.
  • Share jobs with external providers effortlessly.
  • Provide an upload portal for your customers’ convenience.
  • Reprint and reroute jobs within a 30-day timeframe.
  • Generate job and part labels, including customizable barcodes.
  • Receive email notifications when jobs are ready for printing.
  • Gain comprehensive overview of all jobs, categorized as pending, done, or in progress.
  • Utilize nesting and scheduled JIT nests for optimized production.
  • Implement load balancing for efficient resource allocation.
  • Generate cloud certification reports for customer assurance.
  • Optional BYO storage for added flexibility.


  • Enable remote and home working for your team.
  • Facilitate multi-site production without the need for VPNs.
  • Seamlessly receive jobs from other PrintFactory customers.
  • Easily accept files from other customers, whether print-ready or requiring layout adjustments.
  • Automatically check and correct jobs upon delivery.
  • Track job progress and status in real-time.
  • Flexibility to reroute jobs to any location in case of printer/cutter failures.
  • Implement manual approval stage before production for quality control.
  • Easily reprint repeat orders (PIMs) for efficiency.
  • Enjoy always-on backup of all data.
  • Enable remote proofing for enhanced client collaboration.