Kent-based business Wahooti is a large-format print and production company specialising in a range of services including large-format printing, events & exhibition displays, signage solutions, films and manifestations, vehicle graphics, bespoke print projects, and design services. Wahooti prides itself on offering an all-inclusive, ‘one-stop service’, offering everything from creative ideation to design, to print, production, and installation. The company’s playful motto is ‘The answer is YES. Now, what’s the question?’ We asked, is PrintFactory software the perfect solution to boost Wahooti’s efficiency, save on waste, and streamline workflow? A resounding YES!

Wahooti’s diverse clientele ranges from smaller local businesses to corporate giants, describing much of its print jobs as ‘creative, quirky, and different’. Having such a large and diverse client base means efficiency is key in all elements of the production process, and so the team decided it was time to upgrade to a software suitable to the thriving business.

Both Josero and PrintFactory have been amazing. Before we decided to make the investment, they gave us a free month trial, which we used and tested, and it was fantastic. After noticing significant improvements on the previous software, Wahooti knew PrintFactory was the best decision for the future of the business: PrintFactory has everything we need and we are extremely happy with it.

But why Josero and PrintFactory?

“We wanted to build a professional relationship with Josero,” Stevie Mclaughlin, Operations Director at Wahooti London, explains.

“We looked at working with other suppliers but felt that Josero would provide us with the expected levels of support.”


What improvements did PrintFactory deliver?

The sheer volume of improvements that PrintFactory has brought to their business makes a significant impact on day-to-day productivity, as Stevie continues: “We have seen an instant change in the flow of the work coming in and out of production, all thanks to PrintFactory. Now we can set files up easier, quicker, we can nest jobs better meaning that we are saving money on material waste, and the speed of pre-pressing and ripping jobs from the machines to the printers has massively improved.”

An added value that has been particularly impressive to Wahooti is that PrintFactory has a 3-programme set up, with Editor, Layout, and the RIP. “This means that we can be more accurate with pre-pressing jobs, we can get everything set up ready for print very quickly and we can cover every element of pre-press with these 3 programmes,” explains Stevie.

Josero is delighted that the Wahooti team are looking forward to continuing to work with Josero in the future, and that we are now the ‘first point of call’ for their future software and hardware needs. Roger Sherratt, Business Development Manager at Josero, adds: “We couldn’t be happier with Wahooti’s experience with PrintFactory. We always strive to deliver the most value to our customers, finding solutions that will help them become more profitable, make every job more efficient, and ensure the overall business is more productive. We look forward to building our relationship with Wahooti long into the future.”

To find out more about PrintFactory available from Josero, call 01954 232564 or e-mail

PrintFactory has everything we need and we are extremely happy with it.