Grafisoft Successfully Completes First PrintFactory Installation At Croma S.A.


The contribution of GrafiSoft, serving as PrintFactory’s representative, has proven indispensable to the success of this installation. Within a short span of a few months, GrafiSoft efficiently implemented PrintFactory, significantly enhancing Croma S.A.’s productivity by standardizing and homologating color management across prepress, printing, and finishing processes. This automation not only promotes greater productivity but also enhances efficiency and overall print quality.

“We experienced a remarkably efficient process with the invaluable local support from GrafiSoft and the dedicated assistance of Gabriel Gonzalez (Colombia), representing PrintFactory. Their collaborative efforts greatly facilitated the implementation, making the entire process exceptionally smooth. In less than a month, we were already actively operating…”

Croma S.A. specializes in design, large-format digital printing, as well as the manufacturing and assembly of furniture, POP displays on various rigid substrates, and aluminum structures, positioning them as market leaders in their field. “Today, to give an example, we manufacture Adidas stores all over Chile. Before, they used to bring everything from Germany. And now, we produce it in-house with the quality of a European supplier.”

“An integral feature of this software lies in its ability to manage color approval for application on diverse printers and substrates. Historically, obtaining approval for a specific piece of equipment meant printing exclusively on that device. However, with PrintFactory’s tailored configurations and calibrations, we’ve achieved a harmonized compatibility across all our equipment, ensuring a consistent response to the same color proof.”

In addition to robust color management capabilities, our system boasts impressive ripping capacity and other advantages for prepress and printing operations. This includes the automation of removal adjustments through precise assembly, resulting in the generation of an optimal file for printing and cutting. Noteworthy features also include the optimization of piece imposition and an efficient process that significantly contributes to ink savings across all printing processes.

Ignacio Ruiz-Tagle – Managing Partner at Croma S.A.

“We’ve integrated cutting-edge equipment at Croma S.A., including direct printing on rigid substrates, flatbed technology, and various roll printing platforms. Complemented by finishing equipment, cutting tables, as well as installation, modulation, decoration, and store decoration services, we now offer a fully in-house managed service.”

Ignacio Ruiz Tagle highlights the positive impact of the prompt system implementation, personnel training, and rapid start-up, which have exceeded expectations compared to previous experiences. “Machine operators immediately recognized the system’s benefits, eliminating the need to spend an entire morning achieving the desired color. With PrintFactory, color accuracy is achieved instantly.”

The meticulous registration of color profiles for each printer, coupled with their respective calibration and substrate calibration, played a vital role in achieving the homologation of this certified printing experience.

Gabriel Andrés González, Technical Support Director LATAM of PrintFactory

González emphasizes, “Croma S.A. presented us with several challenges, with two being particularly significant: improving color management across all their printers despite the diverse ink technologies they employed and seamlessly integrating the prepress process into the assemblies involving printing and cutting. Executing this in just one week during the installation period seemed daunting. However, with the dedicated support of GrafiSoft’s collaborators and the eagerness of Croma S.A.’s staff, we successfully implemented and created over 20 profiles for all their machines within that tight timeframe. We also provided comprehensive training, enabling the staff to become self-sufficient in creating their profiles without relying on third parties. This initiative resulted in Croma S.A. standardizing color across all their machines.

“I extend my sincere gratitude to the Croma S.A. team and the relentless efforts of the GrafiSoft team, which played a crucial role in achieving this unprecedented success story,” says Gonzalez.

The contribution of GrafiSoft, serving as PrintFactory’s representative, has proven instrumental in the success of this endeavor. 

“Our experience with the local support of GrafiSoft and the assistance provided by Gabriel Gonzalez (Colombia) on behalf of PrintFactory has made the implementation remarkably smooth. In less than a month, we were already in full operation. Overall, there’s a consensus that this system significantly streamlines our work processes. It serves as a powerful tool, especially for a facility with more than 12 devices. Now, all operations are centralized. In the past, managing a couple of malfunctioning machines or coordinating four simultaneous campaigns was a juggling act. With PrintFactory, it’s like orchestrating an orderly advance, akin to a disciplined army block.

The system’s intuitive design and ease of operation have been evident since the beginning, showcasing its myriad benefits. Not only has PrintFactory enhanced our internal processes, but it has also proved advantageous for our end customers. It has brought stability to our systems, standardizing them under a norm that facilitates process certification, color management accreditation, and timely project completion.” concludes Ignacio Ruiz Tagle