To increase efficiency, Probo uses PrintFactory

Probo wanted to improve their productivity but they were losing time and spending money, constantly chasing colour and trying to improve their nesting efficiencies.

“As a printing company, we strive to work as efficiently as possible. We print as many orders as possible on a single sheet or banner, in other words, smart nesting. With our previous software, we did that per production line. We wanted to centralise this. PrintFactory's software enables us to nest the orders for all our production lines from a single system.”

Efficient Nesting

Nesting in PrintFactory not only schedules and groups items into jobs based on their logistic destination and delivery window, but also automatically creates cutting marks, bleeds and all other steps. However, it remains flexible until the last moment, allowing production to cancel or modify orders, as well as switch printers or cutters.

When delivery time and logistics destination are taken into account, the amount of half finished product on the production floor decreases significantly, which makes the process simpler and more efficient for the operators.  By keeping nests “open” until the last moment it allows items to be added at the last minute further increasing the nesting efficiency.

Probo can offer their customers this flexibility and efficiency while maximizing their production capacity.

Consistent Color

Having tens of thousands of orders every day requires the colors to be consistently accurate and reliable. Probo uses PrintFactory to ensure consistency since it is not possible to manually check each product.

“The files our partners upload consist of different colours. These files must be converted to a print file so that the printer reads the correct colours. The software from PrintFactory does this for us. The nice thing is that this is also done centrally, so we can manage it a lot better.”

Behind the scenes, PrintFactory software uses an algorithm that solves all of the problems caused by colour drift.

“For the setup, we worked closely with the team to make sure a switch-over didn’t cause disruption. They went for our Automation Plan in a Software as a Service (SaaS) format, and we were onsite throughout to get their printers set up and calibrated, the first time around. On-site staff training was a given, of course. PrintFactory’s color management toolkit and device-link profiling technology is now matching visuals and proofs – time after time after time. Our device-link engine is delivering the color quality and consistency that Probo needed, across all their devices and substrates, and (as the EcoSave module is using less ink without compromising on colour fidelity) the bottom-line savings are business-wide. The team’s much happier too. Everyone in the business can use the software to get that accuracy.”

Track Order Status

In order to track the items in their  print and cut jobs, it needed to be fully automated. Their printer and cutter suppliers, however, provided insight into Job Tracking differently, if at all.

The need for a single point of information about the machine and job status is essential as the machine park is continually evolving and changing.

By doing this, the IT department is not constantly in the process of catching up with new machines and configurations, and it is prevented from becoming a bottleneck in expanding the product mix or limiting sales creativity. PrintFactory consolidates traditional production islands into a single platform where all jobs are entered and feedback is received. A one-time development allows Probo to be flexible and grow without spending more time on the workflow.

“We want to monitor the status of each order in our system in real time, for example if a nest has been printed. Each printer supplier provides insight into this in a different way. That's what we were struggling with. Thanks to PrintFactory we can now inform customers and employees about order statuses more easily and in the same way. “