Consistent Colour. Why?

A wide format printer’s true value can be measured by the ability to deliver consistent colour.

Customers’ expectations of print quality are higher than ever. In consumer-driven markets where initial perceptions can be the determining factor in the purchase of any object, service or experience, accurate and consistent colour reproduction has become the best indication of a wide format printer’s value for money. As a result, print-buyers have raised standards; competition is fierce, and reputations and contracts can be won or lost on a poor print run.

It is also fair to say no two businesses print colour the same way. Every wide format printer offers a different level of product quality, and this range of quality is reflected in three, key, different aspects of their workflow:

  • Colour Accuracy
  • Colour Consistency
  • Colour Reproduction

This whitepaper aims to help colour experts and production managers who want to overcome these colour problems and to benefit from the financial advantages of doing so. In it, we describe a technology that is changing the printing industry. Device-link profiling. This paper was produced by PrintFactory, makers workflow software that includes easy-to-use, device-link technology.