PrintFactory announces a key partnership with Fotoba

PrintFactory now generates a barcode for the new Fotoba automatic slicer positioning cutter XLA series.

Since 1974 , Fotoba International has been the  leader in developing and manufacturing finishing equipment for digital printing ,wallpaper and textile application. Fotoba’s core business is automatic devices mainly applied to the wide format finishing world. Several patented ideas distinguish Fotoba including  Digitrim, the XLD Series, Multi Cutter and much more.

PrintFactory’s workflow supports Fotoba cutters.

The marks can be generated and printed in both automated and interactive environments including the XLA Series – Fotoba’s answer to further optimise finishing. The relevant  job data is placed  directly on the print and the Fotoba XLA reads this information to cut everything in the correct final format. Whether single or multiple-up, the side knives automatically move to the correct position.

PrintFactory’s workflow software includes device-link oriented, feature-rich tools that make life easier for teams working on the production floor – an editing package to speed up production; nesting and tiling tools that deliver the best possible layouts, with complete manual control; and a world-class colour engine that can guarantee the right colour, across all media, and devices.

In addition, the software has been designed to be ‘one click’ wherever possible, with in-app tools that make life easier for users. PrintFactory’s RIP-based software connects multi-manufacturer environments seamlessly and the  workflow software supports over 2,000 printers and cutters.

With PrintFactory, Fotoba customers can automatically nest jobs and create layouts that communicate automatically with the knife positions. This seamless integration of automatic knife adjustment allows for variable sizes and most importantly greater speed and efficiency.

“This is a great partnership for us as it extends the Automation capabilities of our workflow to include finishing. By automating the elements of a large format printer’s operation that unnecessarily take up time, and lose the business money in the process, business owners have an opportunity to redeploy the manpower involved … getting the team to focus on things like maintenance instead, for example. Building the business. Doing more jobs, better, faster – for more customers.”

“Working in partnership with RIP manufacturers allows existing and new customers to improve and diversify their production with Fotoba finishing systems . PrintFactory added the new cut marks and barcode generation for the Fotoba XLA cutter to help their customer enhance automation and drastically reduce human intervention in the cutting process. It is a great opportunity for companies looking for optimising their production costs.”

In general, PrintFactory software is delivered via a network of distributors, worldwide: it delivers increased productivity, guarantees lower ink costs with no detriment to print quality, improves margins thanks to reduced waste media, and ensures consistent colour, time after time. The company’s partnerships with device manufacturers bodes well for not only standard markets, but also for industrial scale operations.